Who We Service

We service over 50 sites throughout the U.S. with a diverse clientele that includes...


  • Transportation Security Administration
  • Federal Express
  • US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Veteran's Administration Clinics 
  • Federal Aviation Administration  
  • USMC Reserve Centers



With over 10 years of experience in the government sector, we understand your unique needs. We are fully bonded and insured and perform extensive background checks on all of our employees. We also work closely with government security officers to expedite the badging process.


Unique Cleaning Service, inc., services a variety of industries in the commercial sector. By developing a customized cleaning schedule we are able to address the unique concerns of the facility and promote a clean and healthy environment for your employees.  


What our customers are saying


Our cleaning and maintenance people do a tremendous job-particularly when compared to our old lab and now in the perspective of seeing another laboratory about the same age. We sometimes overlook what they contribute to our ability to do examinations and don’t say thanks. Please convey to them my appreciation.
— Fred P. US Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory
These are the little details that make a difference. Your employees are greatly appreciated by the district and they go above and beyond their requirements. I sincerely appreciate having them here. We have a great team.
— Sonia M. de la Torre Building Manager, FDA